Euca Mould Remover with Cloves

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The Team at Euca plus a number of loyal customers have spent some time testing and revising the New Euca Mould Remover for you...

We tested it - so we know it works!

The Euca mould Remover is unlike other mould removers on the market today as it has no nasty ingredients at all.Its non-hazardous, but as always use as per instructions.

The big difference is, being a more Natural blend, you need to actually prepare bathroom surfaces before you use it, in some cases some good old elbow grease, but we promise you it has worked wonders in the test field on some rather ugly looking mould surfaces.

Active Ingredients

Water, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Eucalyptus Oil and Clove Oil.

Directions for use of the Euca Mould Remover and Moth Repellant

Do not spray directly onto skin, face, eyes animals etc or where they may come into contact with the product. Its full of good things but you still need to be careful.

We recommend to test spot spray on surfaces which may suffer from discoloration or any loss of any pigment. NOTE- this product does not contain bleach like others, but we still want you to be cautious in the application.

Now, being a more Natural blend, you need to actually Prepare Bathroom Surfaces before use. Yes, it’s not spray and walk away.

1/ Don’t jump straight in and start spraying all of your bathroom surfaces with the mould cleaning solution. If the surfaces in your bathroom are wet or have condensation you will need to dry the surfaces first. This is important. To remove mould effectively you must apply to DRY surfaces only, no if’s or but’s, totally dry.

  • Using a dry clean cloth / towel, wipe over every effected surface first, including the vanity, basins, tiles, shower screens, taps, bath, floors, mirrors and windows.
  • By drying the surfaces first, the actives in the Euca Mould remover have a better chance to work and are not diluted by the extra moisture on the surface or in the air (like after a shower).
  • If you have bathroom heat lamps use these (on) during this drying process.

2/ Treat the Surfaces for Mould

  • Now that your bathroom surfaces have been prepared you can go ahead with treating the surfaces for mould.
  • Spray liberally over effected areas, at a distance of 20cm to 30cm, ensuring that the entire surface has been covered.
  • Leave for around 30 minutes to react or up to an hour if heavily effected areas (can be longer if needed)
  • You can use a clean dry cloth, or brush to rub into effected areas. Reapply some Euca Mould remover after, and leave as stated above.

3/ Clean

  • With a fresh clean cloth or paper towel, wipe over all of the surfaces to remove the mould and product residue.
  • Drying and keeping dry is important. Wipe the areas fully at the end of treatment with a cloth until fully dry.
  • This drying has the benefit of reducing / stopping any further development of any new mould.
  • Re-apply as needed as a first application may only just start the removal process. Re-start as above, areas must be kept dry before applying.

4/Mould on Grout

  • Due to the porous nature of grout, it quickly and easily attracts mould. If mould goes untreated for too long on grout it can leave a mould stain which is difficult to remove.
  • Using the above process of keeping the areas dry before applying the Mould remover – Spray directly onto the mould in the grout.
  • Using a soft toothbrush on grout to gently massage and remove the mould. The bristles will also help to dislodge mould staining.
  • NOTE- If the mould staining is severe or has been there a long time, you may only reduce the amount of staining but not completely remove the stain. Sadly, if the mould staining is still unsightly and bothers you, then removing and replacing the grout is the only other option.

5/Moth Repellent

  • Start with a fabric bag of some sort. This can be a muslin bag, organza, or even a bag you’ve made on your own.
  • Create natural Mothballs by using cotton balls, small or large. Drip a few drops of Euca Mould Remover containing natural clove oil on them. Make to size, but 4 or more balls is a good size.
  • Place them in your bag, or use a ceramic dish. Make sure you dont allow the essential oils to touch paint, wood, food or clothing as to avoid a possibility of staining.
  • Refresh the mothballs every week or so. Essential oils are volatile and evaporate quickly.
  • Note - Humidifiers don’t seem To work, so adding essential oils to a humidifier is not a quick solution because the oils dissipate too quickly. You may get some short-term effects, but for lasting protection, use the above method.

6/Always Store in a cool dry place well sealed

  • Being essential oil based and like all Euca products, its beneficial to maintain the percentage of the oil to work effectively.
  • Keep away from hot places, this can include under the sink in kitchen or laundry as they can have times of hot water in them.
  • Also note cupboards near washing machines or dishwashers and other appliances can cause heat.
  • Avoid opening container and / or leaving open, as again the essentials oils can disappaite from the formula.


If swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If poisoning occurs contact a doctor, hospital or Poisons Information Centre (Australia: 13 11 26; New Zealand: 0800 764 766) immediately.


If skin irritation occurs wash effected area with soap and water. If product comes into contact with eyes flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary.

See our website for “Safety Data Sheet” SDS page for further information.