Jessica Reward Basecoat for Normal Nails

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Keeps nails nourished  and healthy, strong and flexible.  Promotes growth, reduces signs of aging, conditions, protects against future breakage and moisturises nails.

How to Use

Apply (2) coats of Reward basecoat to a clean dry nail making sure you cap the end of the nails (this is very important) as it seals the nails
Optional: Colour can be applied with this treatment if desired, or complete your treatment with Brilliance Topcoat for best results.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin A, C, D & E Calcium Aloe Vera

Experts Tips

This Reward is a nourishing maintenance basecoat and should be used all the time and in between your nail treatments. We strongly advise a basecoat should always be used to stop nails from drying splitting, peeling and breaking.