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    Nak nourish conditioner 375ml

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    Nak Nourish Conditioner 375ml

    This creamy, luxuriant NAK Haircare Nourish Conditioner improves hair manageability and other nutritional qualities. The pear extract softens dry hair, tames frizzy hair, restores lost lustre, and nourishes the hair.

    Formulated with coconut oil, this intense moisturising conditioner aids in the maintenance of damaged hair by enhancing the health of the scalp and hair cuticles, giving it a lustrous look. The coconut oil is high in fatty acids that separate hair into different strands.

    This NAK Hair Nourish Conditioner also contains gluten-free hydrolysed rice protein, which helps to increase hair volume, add natural highlights, and improve hair elasticity and thickness. It improves the softness, smoothness, and lustre of the hair. It also aids in the moisture and conditioning of the skin and hair.

    The antipruritic qualities of aloe vera, present in this creamy conditioner, help relieve irritation and dry scalp. This sulphate and paraben-free moisture-rich conditioner break down sebum and dead scalp cells to prevent inflammation and dandruff.