Euca Smell Expel - Eucalyptus Spray

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Euca Smell Expell – neutraliser Deodoriser disinfectant cleaner

NEW Blend with added Natural Eucalyptus oils.

A Truly unique cleaner, odour eliminator, disinfectant and deodorant all in one

100% Australian Made and owned

Unique environmental deodoriser absorbs nasty odours

Powerful elimination of a variety of malodorous

commercial grade cleaner and disinfectant

Concentrated formula non-flammable, non-toxic

Fresh fragrance from BP Grade Eucalyptus natural oils

Non-flammable and Does not contain any bleach, caustics or ammonia

Safe on all surfaces and ideal for food preparation areas

Won’t harm fabrics, glass or plastics

Use in air conditioning ducts, Rubbish bins and drains

Perfect to use in the Kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilets and sick rooms

Use for those pet mishaps in animal enclosures​

Removes the smelliest odours

Not tested on animals – does not contain palm oils