K18 Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist

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Throw out your Plex’s and ready yourself for the game changer that is K18. K18 is a patented bioactive peptide treatment that will strengthen and improve the elasticity in your hair whilst reversing damage from chemical services, thermal styling and mechanical styling. K18 is made for all hair types and will leave your hair like new.

K18 Professional Repair Hair Mist is a 2-step system, 4 minute pre-treatment that repairs and prepares the hair before colouring, ultimately creating the perfect canvas for colouring, bleaching and minimising damage throughout chemical processes.

– Prepares the hair before chemical services
– Reverses damage and prevents future breakage
– Strengthens hair and improves elasticity
– Lasting results that won’t wash away
– Restores hair to 94% of original elasticity
– Restores hair to 91% of original strength

Vegan & cruelty free.

K18 Professional Mist is the pre-service part of our 2-step in-salon service. K18 mist was engineered to make hair strong enough to withstand damage that occurs during a chemical service.