Milk Shake Sweet Camomile Conditioner 300ml

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Milk Shake Sweet Camomile Conditioner

A revitalizing conditioner for blonde hair that softens and detangles. Revives highlights, increases manageability and enhances shine and brilliance. 

Paraben free.


  • Glycerin Extract from Organic Chamomile: renowned for its lightening properties, to revive, intensify and illuminate natural highlights in fair hair
  • Organic Wildflower Honey: with a nourishing and conditioning effect, to leave hair soft and silky with brilliant highlights
  • Fruit Extracts (including papaya & apricot): with multivitamin actions, for vitality and shine
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel: with its protective and soothing effect, for conditioning and softness
  • Integrity 41®: to protect hair colour from free radicals and the oxidizing effects of atmospheric agents, and to make colour last with more stability and brightness
  • vitamin E: with an energizing, antioxidant, and revitalizing action
  • Rice Bran Oil: to moisturize and nourish scalp and hair, leaving hair soft and silky
  • Panthenol: for moisturizing, softening and soothing